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How to build a publishing empire with Kindle

[part three]

This is the third part of my exclusive strategy series telling you exactly how you can set up and profit from an Amazon Kindle publishing empire.

In part one I gave you the background information you will need to know before you begin and discussed in detail the steps you will need to take around nailing down proper product research.

In part two I gave you all the details you need to get that first book completed and ready for publication, either using your own skills or those of freelance writers.

So if you have followed the series so far then you could now be in the position of sitting there with your first book being finalised, ready to go into the kindle marketplace. It's an exciting moment, but the real work actually starts now because you have to get people to buy it.

How to successfully list your product in the Amazon Kindle store

Taking time to list your products to a high standard in the Amazon Kindle store can be the difference between success or failure. Many people get to this point and think it's a five minute job that they can do on a Monday morning.

The truth is that the more engaging your listing is, mixed with increasingly good reviews, the more you will sell. So take your time to prepare for this step and allow yourself several hours to complete it to a high standard.

One of the first things you need to consider is a cover for your book. Now this may sound counter-intuitive when we have been discussing Amazon Kindle books, which by their very nature are not physical products that need covers.

However, there are two factors you need to consider at this point.

1. People are visual. Having a high quality cover that conveys the topic and high production values allows you to do two things. Firstly, it will help to convince people that the writing itself will be of the same high standard. Secondly, it will help to convince them that this book is exactly what they are looking for.

2. By having a product cover, you can also set your book up for Amazon's print on demand service, called CreateSpace. By doing this you not only allow your product to target the Kindle readers audience but you can also sell your book to people who want to order a physical item as well.

Both of these reasons should convince you that creating a professional cover is essential. If this means investing some money in getting a freelance graphic designer to deliver you a high quality graphic, then you should see it as well spent money.

The second key area that will help to ensure sales is to fully use the product description. This section can really help to convince people that your book is exactly what they are looking for.

By utilising information you gathered in your initial research process, you will know the words and emotive phrases that you will need to use in order to convince people that you are offering exactly what they are looking for.

Your product description is an opportunity too good to miss by making it dull or inadequate. Someone has landed on your Amazon product page and they are ready to buy. Writing a compelling product description that highlights what you have to offer can make purchasing product almost irresistible.

One other thing you can do is to upload video trailers. Self publishing authors increasingly create cinematic trailers to advertise their books on Amazon. Amazon's author Pages give your place to display these video trailers. This is an additional temptation opportunity, giving you one more chance to draw people into the topic, convince them of your expertise and show the high quality of your production values.

Promotion: Get your book listing in front of the right faces

Through your research you will know exactly who wants to buy your book and how they go around searching for the information provided in it. This will give you a head start when it comes to promoting your book outside of Amazon.

At the end of the day an interested buyer who doesn't see your product won't have the opportunity to buy it, while people who do find your book listing but aren't completely interested in what you have to offer won't take the opportunity to buy.

It's your responsibility to make sure that the book is seen by people who want to buy it.

This may sound obvious, but it's a step which is not understood by many self publish authors. There is no point in doing any general promotion work for niche products. When you create the product you should understand exactly who will want to buy it and when you promote it you should be putting it in the faces of exactly those people.

Although Amazon does promote your book by showing similar products when people view listings, it doesn't actively promote your book in its own right. So just listing the book on Amazon is not a promotional strategy.

Targeting your advertising: The reactive model

The reactive model of promotion is the method undertaken by most people without specialist skills and knowledge.

You write your book, publisher to Kindle and then maybe mention it in places where people congregate.

It's pretty untargeted and relies on people doing the work to find the book, rather than you putting it in their face.

I'm not saying it can't be effective, but it will work best once you have a catalogue of products sale and repeat buyers. These raving fans will spread the word for you at times and as your name will be known in certain circles, your marketing efforts will be largely done for you.

Targeting your advertising: The proactive model

When you are starting out, it's obvious you going to need something a bit more powerful than publishing and sitting back.

This means you need to take a proactive approach to marketing your Kindle book.

The mechanics of marketing can be very detailed in today's information rich world. Using a variety of tools you can narrow down your target audience with amazing detail. You can then target advertising using complex marketing software and advertising platforms.

But it doesn't matter how good the information and the tools are if you don't truly understand who you want to sell your book to.

I would suggest you go as far as building a demographic profile of your ideal book reading buyer:

• Are they male or female?
• Do they have children?
• How old are they?
• How much money do they make?
• How much money do they spend on this subject on average?
• Where do they get information on this subject?

As you can see, there is a large list of questions you can answer in order to really nail down who you want to buy your book, and where they hang out.

The closer you are able to get to that person then the better chance you will have been successful in marketing your book to them.

Use the power of personal engagement

Authors have always tried to connect with their readers and publishers on Amazon should be trying to do the same with their prospective buyers. The key to proactive marketing is getting your potential customer to engage with your advertisements and take positive action.

Within the context of the book you are selling, it's well worth your time to investigate the advertising methods currently used to sell products in that niche. What makes the advertising memorable and what causes people to engage with it?

Using the power of engagement, think about any advertising you do very carefully and only create it and invest in it when you are 100% sure you are giving your highly targeted potential audience a clear way to positively engage with it.

Advertising methods you can use to promote your first Kindle book

I'm sure you've already thought of many ways you could potentially advertise your book. The most obvious is to find circles of interested people on social media, specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Those sites where you will get some great traction if you market in the right way.

You can also consider advertising through Pay Per Click (PPC). Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the two most obvious ways of doing this. Twitter advertising can also work, but with all these methods you should watch your spend.

Moving down level, there may be paid advertising opportunities on relevant forums where people congregate. Sponsoring and monthly adverts are a great way to get your product discussed by the right people.

If your book is about the topic also discussed in detail on your website and within your own business, then you may also have an email marketing list that you can discuss the product with as well.

In general terms, all advertising and marketing methods will work if you are proactive in finding exactly the right people to put those methods in front.

Get ready to start your Kindle publishing empire now

So there you go. Three parts to the series and an entire method on a plate for you.

As with any method for making money online, there was one key ingredient that can never be given to you. That ingredient is your desire to succeed. If you have that desire then you are halfway there.

Publishing on Kindle has great potential because you don't need online infrastructure to sell and you don't need to have a strong breadth and depth of knowledge to do well. You just need to produce a great quality book and understand who would buy it and then market directly to them.

People like you, people who want to set up your own business, enjoy freedom and more of the rich life, often suffer from reading about lots of ideas and generating lots of enthusiasm in themselves, but without ever taking that decision to go for it with one idea.

Willpower and clarity are something you will have to add into the mix I have given you here.

Remember that this is a progressive strategy. Once you have the willpower to start, you need to have the willpower to make your second book and your third and your fourth. Once you get to 10 books you will be an expert. You will have a suite of products to market and you will have developed highly refined publishing and promotion processes.

It's at that point that you will have a Kindle publishing empire.

So let's get started right now. I'm challenging you to do it today. Not tomorrow, not next week. Start the ball rolling by printing off all three parts of this series and following the process through.

There are loads more ways you can make this method profitable and I would love the opportunity to discuss them with you. I'm always available on email, or at the end of the phone if you'd like to bounce ideas off me and find out how I can help you to increase your chances of success in online business.

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