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How to face your fears about starting an online business

When I first got the idea for my online business, UberHealthBlog, I was working as a conventionally trained medical doctor. I began to get early arthritis in one of my knees, and as a result, I switched up my diet and lost weight in the process. I began telling my patients about it and soon realized that others could benefit from this knowledge as well.

If this article title caught your eye, you’re probably in a similar position as I was. Maybe you have a great idea that you’re passionate about, but with no tech, writing, or marketing experience to make it a reality. A few years later, my work is proof that you don’t need to be an expert in IT or a renowned author to make your idea known to the world. Read on to discover how to get your start with little to no experience in entrepreneurship.

Facing your doubts head on

The most important advice I can give anyone who is thinking about starting a business is just to start. This may sound simple, but it’s incredibly difficult to be vulnerable enough to put your ideas into the world.

To help get over your doubts and fears, harness the power of positive thinking. Instead of dwelling on all the obstacles in your way or thinking about all the things that could go wrong, think about your goals and imagine that you’ve already met them. It also helps to think about why you’re pursuing your idea. Maybe, like me, you want to offer help to others through your company. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of being your own boss, and becoming financially independent by your own means. Whatever the reason, focusing on the big idea instead of getting caught up in the small details can help propel you forward.

At this stage, it’s also important to surround yourself with people who will help and support you along the way. I found an accountability partner who consistently encourages me, pushes me to be consistent in my writing, and who I can come to with challenges to talk through. I’ve also partnered with a company called Insider Internet Success. The team there helps me with technical parts of my business like video recording, and also advises me on how to market my company to the right people. Making these connections has been instrumental to my success.

Baby steps

Once you’ve consciously decided to move forward with your business idea, the hardest part is over.

Now, it’s about setting up the logistics that will make your online company a success.

I recommend starting a simple website from a free provider like Squarespace or Wordpress. These sites typically have an ecommerce arm that will allow you to sell whatever it is your business does - whether that’s a service, a product, or an online course, like my business. When you receive more traction with your company, you can always graduate to a website more suited to your needs.

Next, start producing valuable content. It may seem counter-productive to give knowledge away for free, but giving useful information related to your company through blog posts, videos, and whitepapers will attract your audience and begin building a presence online. Make sure your social media profiles are up to date, and post frequently to reach a wider audience and draw traffic back to your site.

Of course, there’s a lot more to starting a company than the steps above; however, this should give you a solid foundation to bring your business idea from a thought into a reality. Facing your fears and putting your thoughts out there for the world to see can be daunting, but remember: the only way to reach your goals is to begin.

Dr. Julie Coffey is the creator of UberHealthBlog, a source for natural health and weight loss advice. Dr. Coffey also hosts an online weight loss class, the UberSlim 90 Day Program.

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