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How to get your client to want you in 4 simple but powerful ways

Gents, ever had the experience of wanting that one lady you just couldn't get? Or ladies, vice versa?

Well just imagine that happening in the business world with the client you so want to have but just can't get their signature on the dotted line.

I've certainly had that experience.

I had a client that I struggled to nab for months and months. I knew they would benefit immediately with my help, the answer to their marketing and sales challenges were just staring me in my face.

Try as I might I couldn’t get them to sign up for my services even though I knew we were the right fit.

And we were.

Of course, they know that now, too but it took some time, and in the process, I mastered 4 simple but powerful ways to get my client to actually want me.

How did I do it?

How did I nab the client that continually rejected me time and time again?


I used prospect seduction.

What is prospect seduction, you might ask.

I will tell you.

As a business owner, you need to combine mindset psychology with conversion tools to seduce your prospect to do business with you.

By understanding the mindset of what makes my potential client tick, and what conditions they require to make a decision, I was able to use my written and spoken words to convey what I can help them transform in their life and business.

In the process, I discovered 4 simple but powerful tools at my disposal to help me create sales faster and increase my monthly and annual income.

Let's look at each one here:

1) Write seductive sales copy

Seductive sales copy is where it all starts.

It is important to use short sentences.

These may have gotten you a bad grade in school but now they will get you a client!

Keep it short and sweet.

You might not believe it. But it’s true.

Do we offer this? Yes.

Tell a story.

What most people don’t realize is that the world of sales copy is changing. People once looked for long explanations and facts. But not anymore. Now people want stories. As the world becomes more left-brained focused people want more right brain ideas.

It is now the creative side that is selling.

Picture two wine labels:

The first lists the ingredients and the percentages and all the detailed and dry facts about the wine.

The second tells a story about how the maker’s mother always loved this region of the world but she died of cancer wishing she had visited. Now the maker and his brother have gotten together to start a winery in her honor and this wine is dedicated to her loving memory.

Which of the two will you buy?

The latter.


Because it tells a story.

It grips you from the beginning. There is depth and essence even in a few lines.

The same is true of all sales copy.

Prospects are not going to be interested in a list of facts. They want a story.

So give them one.

Tell them a story about the product or service and what your business does. A short anecdote will work wonders for you and your online business.

Stories are fantastic and memorable. People will walk away from your website, sales pages, resources, webinars, etc remembering the stories you told -not the list of facts you gave.

If you look at the copy above you will see that there are specific words used to excite the reader. We explicitly say we will “take away all the stress”. People all want to de-stress so if you can seduce them with this irresistible offer then you have done your job.

In the image above you will see that I explain that all I care about is helping the other person. All I care about is giving them the help they need. This focuses all on the potential customer. It isn’t selfish. It is selfless. It makes them want more. (If you like the text above, don't forget to book your free one-on-one Strategy Call with me).

You will note in the image above that the word choice is seductive just by itself: “pleasing”.

This word conjures the exact image you want with prospect seduction.

Never underestimate the power of imagination. It's not about selling your product or service, it is about selling the experience.

As one of my favorite leadership experts Simon Sinek says, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

Let the prospect imagine how much easier their life would be within you in it. Let them imagine the world of possibilities based on the experience you are selling. Everyone longs for a great experience.

So give it to them.

2) Webinars

Your seductive sales copy gets your client interested. It is the conversation in the restaurant at the start of the meal. It introduces them to your product or service and shows them a snippet of what they can have.

But the webinars are the real meal.

Webinars get down to business. They delve into the deep and intimate conversations over the last glass of wine and show your client everything that could be in store for them when they choose to work with you and use your product or service.

They won’t be able to resist you if you create the perfect webinar which enters you into a deep and meaningful conversation with your potential client.

You should take some of the tricks and tips from writing seductive sales copy and integrate them into the webinars. Your script for a webinar should utilize the same principles:

•You want to sell an experience not a product or service.
•You want the prospect to imagine their great new life with your help.
•You want to tell stories that are memorable not just give the prospect facts.
•You want to keep the sentences short and sweet so that they get right to the good stuff
•You want to make a compelling offer so good that they won't be able to resist.

One of my best webinars is a 70 minute presentation all about Facebook fan pages and how to use them to make a lot of money. Click here to watch it now.

3) Tease them with bonuses

We all like to be teased... even just a little. The idea of a bonus can be titillating if presented properly.

Your sales copy should seduce your client. Your webinars should get them hooked. But before they buy, your bonuses should tease them.

The bonuses show them what they could have. It shows them all of the extras you are planning to give. It shows them how well you will treat them and leaves them wondering what else you have in store.

Most importantly - the right complementary bonuses will tip the undecided client over the fence, helping them make a much easier decision to work with you.

For example, when you sell an ebook, adding a selection of complementary reports with additional information, as well as a copy of the downloadable audiobook version, you're immediately adding a lot more value and making the decision easier. You can go even further by throwing in webinars, Q&A teleconference calls, and even 1:1 consulting sessions.

The more complementary and high justifiable value your bonus is, the easier it will be for you to make a lot of sales with much less traffic.

4) Offer a satisfaction guarantee

Once you have teased and tantalized your client you need to seal the deal by offering a satisfaction guarantee. No client can say “no” to a guarantee. Especially one that relates to their satisfaction.

With every transaction we want to leave satisfied. We want to walk away without any doubts. We want to feel secure that the decision we just made won’t come back to haunt us.

That is what your guarantee does for the client. It makes sure that they know they will be satisfied entirely and it takes away any risk and fear they may have. It makes sure they know they will walk away without any regrets. It removes any doubts and hesitations they may face and allows them to trust you.

As an example, you can see from the image above how the guarantee works for our digital courses. We offer a guarantee that lets the client know they will be fully satisfied—or else we will make amends. This takes a lot of confidence on our behalf to know that our product will truly help them and they know it which is why they love to see it.

But we don't just stop there. We go a step further by publishing "The Insider Internet Success Promise".

In order to make it simple and obvious we've made it very clear on our Store page too.

In the image above you can see the promise that we make. People love promises. They are a guarantee of satisfaction in a much more personal manner.

What makes this guarantee great?

We use seductive copy like “love” “instant” “support” and we keep it short and simple. They know exactly what they will get with this promise and that it will leave them satisfied.

What key sentences can you create to providea satisfaction promise for you clients?

In the end, the process of seducing a client takes just as much minute care and attention to detail as the real art of seduction—and it is an art. By combining the perfect introduction through seductive sales copy and then showing them what they could have with your webinars you should have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

But don’t stop there!

Don’t assume you have them because anything could change at the last minute. That is why you need to tease them with bonuses and offer a guarantee that they will be satisfied.

If you do all of this they will be begging for more!

I learned how to use these techniques and they have kept my clients coming back for more week after week. And you can too!

How have you utilized prospect seduction in your online business

Would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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