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How to get your own lead generation magnet

I'm going to let you into a secret. If you're not already doing it correctly then you are missing out on getting fresh leads...big time.

It's something so simple, right at the heart of your lead generation strategy, that you will kick yourself.

Would you like me to tell you what it is and how you can bring in more leads by doing it right?

OK. Drum roll please.

Your Exclusive Content Needs To Be Written To Convert

Yes, I know. That statement is beyond marketing 101. The problem is most of you are not doing it. Do a search for a topic, subscribe to ten sites that offer a free guide, report, ebook, video, or other exclusive content in return.

You will be amazed how much worthless rubbish you will receive. Badly written, irrelevant, some obviously “off the shelf” stuff that can be found on a thousand other sites.

So is your exclusive sweetener content doing it's job, or making people think you are an idiot?

Of course, to know if it is doing it's job, you have to understand what it's job should be. That is the tough bit. Crafting a piece of exclusive content that leaves the prospect wanting the full solution and taking action to get it.

What Are The Key Things Exclusive Content Should Do?

Let's define what your giveaway should be doing for your prospect. It should:

  • Address a single problem and point the prospect to the solution clearly
  • Engage fully on all points
  • Build trust
  • Convince them you are an expert
  • Provoke action to solve their problem

If you already have a free giveaway, read through it and benchmark it against the above list. If you are honest, unless it was crafted by a professional, I bet it doesn't hit half of those points very well.

Once you get your exclusive content right, you will see an increase in action being taken.

Why Have They Subscribed To Get At The Content?

When preparing to create your key piece of exclusive content, you need to clearly define the goal it should achieve.

You need to nail down what the person reading it wants. Why are they reading it?

The answer: they need whatever you are selling.

But why do they want your product or service?

What problem will it solve?

What should they do to solve the problem?

Why is your product or service the best solution?

Once you have established why your prospect wants your product or service, your content needs to guide them to the right conclusion and compel them to take action immediately.

Discover The Formula That Will Increase Your Conversions

The actual process of creating a piece of awesome content that encourages someone to scream “Yes! I need this right now!” is straightforward, so don't panic.

  • Gather information
  • Create a frame of the points you want to make
  • Come up with a great title
  • Write it.  Just sit down and go for it
  • Add subheadings to create structure
  • Proofread
  • Add supporting graphics
  • Format it beautifully – “home made” will not do anymore
  • Get feedback and tweak
  • Launch

Now obviously there is a lot more to the two words “Write it” than just writing it. You have to be able to write better than Average Joe. Even if your content is going to be a video you have to be able to structure a script.

Create A Difference They Simply Cannot Ignore

The real trick is to take them to the door without leading them through it. The prospect must reach their own conclusion and take action themselves to feel empowered.

Part of that trick is to make sure they have your chosen imagery indelibly printed in their minds.

This can be summed up in the old marketing mantra of “Sell the sizzle not the steak”.

You have to place in the prospects mind the conclusion that your product or service is better than the rest and exactly what they need. Just like the steak, you have to fill their mind with imagery that will increase their desire to take action to get it.

As an example, consider Florida oranges.

Through clever marketing, people using Florida oranges in their products have managed to convince people that Florida oranges are special, different and superior to other oranges.

So when you see “made with Florida oranges” it feels like it is a premium product.

The truth is that an orange is an orange is an orange.

That is selling the sizzle not the steak. It is creating imagery that increases desire.

Once they take action, you can sell them the steak, or the orange juice, or your patio cleaning service, whatever.

The Common Mistakes Made In Creating Content That Converts.

There are a few things which will definitely turn your audience off and distract you from the goal. The first is word count. Word count matters for two reasons. It effects your audience.

People don't have much time. They want answers and confirmation quickly. If the answer isn't in there, but can be found by taking the next step, they will be pretty annoyed if they have just trawled through 10,000 words of poorly constructed sales pitch to be told that.

It effects your own judgement.

Especially if you are outsourcing, then it's easy to get obsessed with word count. You asked for 10,000 words and you damn well want 10,000 words, even if 3000 of those are padding. It's better to focus completely on structure and pitch rather than worry about word count.

The second major mistake is being too clever, or trying to be funny. Humour is subjective. Use it sparingly. Tying your audience up in layers of clever prose may make you feel good, but it will leave them cold.

Speak simply.

The third common problem is calls to action overpowering the strength of the content. If someone reads weak text mixed with strong calls to action, it will turn them off:

“They are offering nothing here, they just want to sell to me!”

Strengthen your content and you can increase the strength and frequency of your calls to action within it.

Remember that it's not obnoxious to sell to interested people, but you have to keep your side of the deal by delivering.

Here's Your Call To Action

Take a look at your giveaway and benchmark it, honestly. Then get others to do the same.

If it is failing, start again. From scratch.

And if you really don't think you can “Write it”, then employing a lead generation expert is the way to go.

Whatever path you choose, do it today.

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