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How to write a sales page that gets readers fired up to buy

"So you're saying I can lose 50 pounds this month? PROVE IT!"

What convinced you to begin reading this post? The headline, right? You want to learn how to write a sales page that convinces readers to buy. And that’s what I’m going to teach you in this post. What I did with this headline is similar to how you should write a sales page headline.

The most important part of any sales page is the headline. Had my headline for this post been “Writing sales pages”, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. That headline is too boring and doesn’t really give you, the reader, reason to read the article. When you’re attempting to sell a product – any product – you’ve lost a sale immediately if your headline is:

  • Boring
  • Too long-winded
  • Gives away too much information (no need to read on further) OR
  • Doesn’t make promises or demand attention

Spend some time writing your headline. The reason I’m spending so much time in this post focusing on writing headlines is because it’s the most important part of a sales page. Grab the reader’s attention right away, make a promise (i.e. “You will lose 50-pounds by using this one easy unknown trick”) and then get into your introduction.

Smoothly transitioning from headline to introduction to body

Sticking with the weight loss headline above, you need to go straight into your introduction smoothly. This is where you must build rapport and establish credibility. Using the weight loss example above, you would need to immediately explain who you are and why you are an authority on weight loss. Did you lose 100 pounds in 3 weeks using “this trick”? Are you an experienced personal trainer?

Assuming the reader is still with you at this point, they are obviously interested in finding out how to lose weight. But there are many programs out there that teach people how to lose weight. If you can’t immediately prove you’re an authority, the reader will go find someone that is.

After you’ve clearly explained to the reader why you’re qualified, it’s time to transition into the body of the page. These few paragraphs should be written in a conversation style manner. Relate to the reader. Address their problems and sympathize with them. Explain that you’re going to help resolve these problems. If you’re selling an information product (i.e. an eBook/vide