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Seven steps to becoming a master of blog brainstorming

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post, and then realized that 20 minutes later, you’re still staring at a blinking cursor? Every blogger has experienced this feeling at least once. Even after writing consistently for UberHealthBlog over the years, I still run into days where I’m not sure what to write.

Luckily, as I’ve gotten more experience in my business, I’ve also learned some tips and tricks to make brainstorming more bearable. Read on for some of my advice on the best ways to come up with high-quality, relevant, content that will make your blog a success

  • Enlist the help of an accountability partner. Bouncing your ideas off of another person can be a great strategy for shaking loose new thoughts. This person can also give you brand new ideas or suggest other ways of looking at things from their own perspective.
  • Talk to your customers. Often, the most relevant and engaging topics will come out of simple conversations with the people you’re trying to reach. When I keep my ears open while I’m talking to customers or patients, this can often spur dozens of new ideas that will address real-life problems they are facing. If you’re hearing the same questions or concerns time and time again, it probably means that it’s an excellent idea for a post.
  • Get inspired by other people’s content. This doesn’t mean copy other content. Sometimes, it’s helpful to read something else when you’re brainstorming, even a blog that’s seemingly unrelated. I have several blogs that I follow, both related and unrelated to health. Their consistent, high-quality content inspires me to do the same with my site.
  • Think about how to communicate a common idea in a different way. For example, everyone knows that sugar is bad for you. But in one of my blog posts, I got the message across in a different way that resonated with my audience and explained things in a way that made sense to them. Consider a common theme in your industry, but approach it from a different perspective.
  • Take a look at your past content. This is similar to the previous tip. Look at the blog posts that have resonated the most with your audience, or that have generated the most views or leads. What was special about them? What made them unique? What can you replicate or improve upon in your next post? Use your best articles as a starting block to generate new ideas that capitalize on the success of the past ones.
  • Think about your ideas in terms of a whole new audience. Often, you’ll have several different types of people that you’re writing for. For example, sometimes my readers are people who are just looking to shed a few pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle; other times, people are looking to finally find a program that works after being overweight for several years. These people are looking for similar kinds of content, but it needs to be told in different ways. Telling the same message for different audiences can generate several different posts.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. Blogging may be part of your job, but it doesn’t have to feel like work. I used to get caught up in only writing posts that I thought would result in higher search engine rankings, or articles that were perfectly optimized for the right keywords. While these are still good best practices to follow, it’s good to break out of this mold and write for fun to keep yourself energized.

Keeping consistent with new, fresh, innovative ideas for your blog can be difficult. Use some of these tips to help you think outside the box and establish a diverse and relevant online presence.


Dr. Julie Coffey is the creator of UberHealthBlog, a source for natural health and weight loss advice. Dr. Coffey also hosts an online weight loss class, the UberSlim 90 Day Program.

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