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How to build a simple sales system for your online business

A simple sales system consists of landing pages that demand action.

It needs to build trust, using a lead generation report and follow-up email sequence.

It must contain a complete payment processing flow and follow-up sequence.

After that, it needs to move the customer seamlessly into another sales funnel.

When it comes to creating a simple sales system that generates a consistently high conversion rate, there are three key things you need to keep central to your development strategy:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Trust

So lets talk right now about how focus, clarity and trust should be the philosophy on which we can create a highly converting simple sales system.

Clear Focus Is Essential For Maximising Conversion

Each element of your simple sales system should be tightly focused on achieving one thing.

The first mistake people make right at the start is having landing pages that demand their prospect makes a decision based on multiple choices available. Do you want to add them to your mailing list or do you want to sell now?

Of course it depends on the type of product, but in terms of information products you should focus on one goal at a time. It also means allowing your prospect to focus on one piece of the discovery journey at a time. This also applies to your shopping cart. Having convinced them to buy your product, why risk the sale by suddenly presenting them with an upsell? Why suddenly present them with further choices and information? You're on the verge of making a sale, why risk it at this point by not giving them a single thing to focus on?

Get the sale and then pass them down a second sales funnel and on to the next product.

Create Clarity Throughout Your Online Infrastructure

From your landing page, to your after-sale process, clarity is essential. One area that gets ignored is the actual payment process itself.

It's amazing how much hard work people do to get potential customers warmed up to the point of buying, only to let them down, or lose them completely, once they commit to buy.

You must have a clear path to purchase. This means no matter how they get to purchase, they are always passed down the same path. You must have clear product information and reassurances available. For the people who are still cautious or curious, make sure those reassurances are prominently positioned, but not so they distract.

Once they commit to buy, make the checkout process smooth and easy. Anything which creates confusion, or opens up the decision-making process again during checkout, can lead to abandonment.

And after the sale, make sure they are passed onto a page that explains what is going to happen next.

Tell them that they are going to receive an email from you, and tell them exactly how and when they will get the product they pay for. If you don't do this, you are running the risk that they will panic and just go straight for a refund.

Build Trust, Build Sales

You need to build trust through your online infrastructure. Your simple sales system needs to look and feel smooth and professional.

Too many people, especially in information product niches, just don't give people a smooth and professional checkout process. They are simply passed to PayPal through a standard shopping cart process, that ends on the PayPal website.

My recommendation is always to take payment on your site. Reassure people that your infrastructure is professional, rather than you being some one-man band slapping a PayPal button on a sales page.

Show you have invested, so they trust you will be around for the rest of their journey.

You will also build trust by not up-selling during the checkout process. As soon as you try to up-sell, you create conflict in the buyers mind.

That conflict can be fatal. It makes them doubt your integrity.

“Is this an essential component I wasn't told about before I committed to buy?”

So reassure them what they are buying will solve the problem – without having to pay more right now.

A Simple Sales System Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Anyone can build a sales funnel. Anyone can build a payment processing function. Anyone can chuck a free report together and bash out a few dozen emails.

But not everyone can do it well, in depth and in a highly refined manner. There are so many trigger points that can generate either a positive, or negative reaction, that you have to know what you are doing.

Sure, you can buy Magento, or some other professional standard shopping cart. But unless you understand the emotional journey your potential buyer is going on then you will still see high cart abandonment.

Their emotional journey starts back at the sales page, which they could have visited weeks before. You need to build trust by demonstrating integrity and clarity from that point forward.

And your email autoresponder system needs to be intelligently set up. Every single email needs to hit the mark, by anticipating and minimising emotional pinch points during the sales journey. Once that sale is completed, you need to pass them straight into a second sales funnel.

Technically, this means using a professional quality selling system that can handle sending a customer a different stream of emails depending on where they are in your multi-product sales funnel.

Put together well, a simple sales system can become a powerful blend, that delivers highly and consistently.

Reassure Yourself About The Quality Of Your Simple Sales System

If you have a website, take a look at it now and see how convinced you are, in the cold light of day, about how it is structured to convert.

If you don't have an online business of your own, how will you rapidly build a highly refined lead generation and sales conversion system that is clearly focused, establishes clarity at every step and continually builds the trust you need?

That's where my team and I can help.

It's what we do, every single day, using my highly refined Automated Business System. But rest assured, it's not an “out of the box” package. Every single client's ABS is built from the ground-up, hitting the needs of their business structure. What we do is apply the same principles and experience to each variation we produce.

And it works brilliantly.

So whatever your situation, I'd love to know more about your current structure, or what you are looking to achieve.

A lifestyle online business can be a minefield unless you understand the nuances behind the nuts and bolts.

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