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Start a chain reaction of action this New Year to change your life forever

Most of us look to the start of a New Year with renewed hope and vigour.

Often, this means wanting to take a big step right now that creates a positive change we feel throughout the rest of our life.

This translates for most of us into making New Year's resolutions.

Whether it's wanting to lose weight, do more exercise, or succeed in setting up a new online business, we all have goals in our minds as the fireworks tell us the New Year has begun.

But the problem is that 90% of us will never achieve the New Year's resolutions we say we want to achieve.


The Problem With Most New Year's Resolutions

Whatever they are, the reason that 90% of this fail at achieving our New Year's resolutions is simply that we are bad at setting reasonable goals to achieve.

The negative impact of setting an unreasonable goal is that we are actually setting ourselves up to fail rather than succeed. And when we don't achieve the unreasonable goal, we automatically lower our sense of self-worth and, well, basically beat ourselves up about it unnecessarily.

So the first thing we need to do is set a great goal, a great New Year's resolution.

As a general example, let's look at that old favourite, losing weight and doing more exercise.

The problem with setting any goal is that we tend to deal with setting absolute goals.

When it comes to weight loss and exercise, the goals we set almost universally set us up to fail.

By giving yourself an absolute target, for example go to the gym three times a week and lose two stone, you are setting yourself up to fail rather than succeed.

The truth is you can't go to the gym three times a week. Sometimes you will be ill, or your kids will be ill. Sometimes you have to work late.

When it comes to weight loss, you will have fluctuations. If it's your wedding anniversary you may want to go for luxury meal, which piles on a few pounds.

The point is that goals that have a hard target with no time limit are the ones that you are most likely to fail at.

The key to making your New Year's resolution succeed is to set one small goal with a specific time limit, that once achieved will act as the spark that lights a fire.

Put another way, your New Year's resolution needs to be the planting of a seed that continues to grow naturally after you have achieved the initial goal.

You don't need to have a massive list of New Year's resolutions, you just need to do one thing differently right now to set off a chain reaction of action.

If you focus on the right thing, then that chain reaction you create can be enough to generate goals, ideas and enthusiasm that will drive you towards launching your online business and succeeding.

Create Your Own Chain Reaction Of Action Right Now

I could do some drum rolls and tease you a bit before getting to the "meat", but what I really want is for you to get on with the business of changing your life right now.

Your New Year's resolution needs to be this:

Come up with one fully developed idea for an online business within 30 days.

I don't mean just pluck an idea from the sky.

I mean put aside some time, serious time, so that you can go through the process of nailing down your business idea within the next 30 days.

First you need to brainstorm a load of ideas. You must have some ideas already?

Things you are passionate about, things you have knowledge about, or something you are keen to learn about.

Don't worry about how viable they are, the first thing to do is create a list of ideas that are driven by your passion and interest. The reason for this is that unless you are passionate about your new business idea, unless you are driven personally to make it succeed, then you will lower your chances of doing so.

So the brainstorming ideas should be around things you think you are, or could be, passionate about for the long-term.

And if there really is nothing you can think of, then drop me an email and lets talk about how we can work together to get you that great idea.

If you're stuck, think about things you have purchased online.

• Could you do it better?
• Offer a better or more personalised product or service?
• Do you have a relative or friend who could provide the product or service and you market it?

There really are hundreds of things you can do, so take your time and come up with them.

Then you need to research those ideas, and rule them in or out, one by one. You can do this by looking online at what your competition would be.

Can you spot viable points of difference in the product or service you are thinking of supplying online?

Are there any truly market-dominant existing people out there offering a product or service?

Once you have gone through each idea in detail, conducting competitor research and running the ideas through your own "gut feeling filter", you should be left with a handful of ideas with some real flesh on their bones.

Then you need to sit on those ideas, discuss them with others, and let them mature for a week or so.

While they are maturing, be constantly looking for other ideas based on the new business focused mind you now have and constantly be thinking about how you can make the ideas you have had even better.

In a couple of weeks you should have lived and breathed your ideas to the point where you have a shortlist that inspires you. A list of ideas that really make you think "I could do this!".

I'm hoping you will have around 5 really solid ideas that you feel you could make a reality, through gaining experience as you go, or using a current skill or experience you already have.

For each idea on your list, go through it in harsh detail:

• How would the business look in terms of structure?
• What would it sell now and as it develops?
• How would expand?
• How would you step back and let others run it?

For each idea, write it all down. Put together a proper diagram of how your business will look on paper. Put together a timeline to plan how it will develop over the first 12 months. Get as much down as possible about every aspect of your new business you can visualise.

It Only Takes One Idea To Change Your Life

If you have followed this process through, you should have a handful of really solid online business ideas now.

Each one will be fleshed out to include a rough structure, rough product or service details, ideas on competing in the market, a timeline for success, even rough figures on the profitability you need to reach your lifestyle goals.

In short, each one of these is a solid idea that you could run with right now.

But you only need one idea.

So go through each idea again in detail. You probably already have a gut feeling as to which idea you are most emotionally attached to, and which one appears to have the most potential, but go through the process for each idea.

For each idea, find a reason to rule it out. You should find that one of your ideas has less reasons than any of the others, and definitely you should have no showstopping problems.

This is your potential online business. This is the idea that is going to start the chain reaction.

Now you have spent a month getting to this point, having a single viable online business idea, the chain reaction should already be under way in your mind.

Can you let this idea slide away? Can you sit on this idea for 12 months without wondering what might have been?

Can you afford to not take steps now to change your life by turning this great idea into a reality?

Do you want to be reading this blog next year wishing you'd done what I said right now?

If you do this, then your mind will be desperate to get started and you will already be developing more ideas.

The truth is, if you take this idea generation process seriously and create a vision for your potential online business, then in your mind you are already committing yourself to doing it.

It's powerful. Try it.

If You Don't Act This New Year, You Will Waste Another Year

How many years do you have to waste?

So sit down and get that pen and paper out. You've got a few weeks to come up with just one rounded idea that could change your life.

Don't worry about where you go after that right now. Online infrastructure, technical and marketing knowledge and other support can all be found, but there is no point in looking for support with your business if you don't know what your business is going to be.

My Automated Business System can take your idea and turn it into a reality in just 30 days. Think about that. By the end of January you come up with a really solid business idea. By the end of February, you could be trading.

On top of that, my Automated Business System will give you access to my personal and team expertise for a whole year.

I can take your idea, fully discuss it with you, develop things using my skills and knowledge, and then set my team to work creating an entire automated business that can fulfil your lifestyle aims.

So I can't wait to hear from about your idea, and I'm sure that together we can turn your brilliant new years idea into a successful online business.

And as a final New Year's thought, consider this.

The only time you have is now. Right now.

The next year, month, week, minute, second. None of those are guaranteed.

There is no time in the bank. You aren't owed any time. You cannot get wasted time back.

So take action to do all you can to positively change your life, by getting out a pen and paper and starting your chain reaction right now.

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