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The 4 key parts of a $100,000 online business

Most of us start our own businesses because we want our passions to drive a better quality of life.

We all believe thatstarting our own business will lead to financial freedom and the choice to live more in the way that we want to.

Unfortunately, the reality for most people is that they do not reach that goal. They end up in a daily race to try and create consistent sales that will give them the breathing space to grow their business enough to start enjoying life more.

This is the entrepreneurial disease. All that happens is you replace being answerable to your boss with being chained to a laptop instead. Chasing paycheck is replaced by chasing new leads.

At its heart, the answer is straightforward. The problem is that when you are fire-fighting every single day, it's easy to lose sight of what you actually need to do to get from A to B.

In this article I'm going to tell you exactly how you can get control back in your business by generating, nurturing and converting enough leads to give you the breathing space you need to reach your personal goals.

Step Back And Take A Top-Down Look At Your Lead Management Strategy

There are four steps that must be in place for a successful marketing and sales system to operate smoothly:

Put together, these four steps become your lead flow

Lead flow = lead generation + capture + nurturing + conversion

Lead flow is about getting enough leads into your sales funnel and then converting enough of them consistently to allow you to develop your business from a solid platform.

It's about viewing your sales funnel as a unified process rather than a set of steps. By taking this point of view, you can minimise gaps through which you will lose leads and spot opportunities to convert more.

Take The Pressure Out Of Lead Generation

There are several ways you can take the pressure out of your lead generation strategy.

The first, and most important, is to not forget the best customers are the ones you already have. Too many entrepreneurs become obsessed with chasing new business and trying to convert it, while leaving their existing customers dangling.

So first of all look at your existing client base:

  • Are they being passed through a highly targeted lead nurturing process after their initial sale?
  • Are they being sent poor quality information in the shape of things like patronising newsletters?
  • Are your best offers being marketed to new customers rather than existing ones?
  • Are you missing the opportunity to harness existing customers in your marketing?

In terms of new leads, there are four key categories of activity that can help drive people to your website. They are:

  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Partnership promotions

The great news is that a lot of your lead generation can actually be automated through what I have already described as human automation.

By bringing in people at key points you can link them using software automation to create a process that you only have to manage, rather than fight every single day.

To learn more about how you can automate your lead generation, click here to read a recent article I wrote.

The four areas of your business you need to automate to get more sales

The second key part to successful lead generation is concentrating on careful segmentation. This means understanding who you are driving to your landing pages and aligning the two perfectly.

Basically, rubbish leads will equal rubbish conversions. But by getting the right traffic to the right landing pages you can minimise wastage and deliver yourself a more consistent level of leads.

So before you throw any more money or time at generating leads, you need to revisit who your customers are and to ensure that the channels they reach you by lead to landing pages that speak directly to them.

[bctt tweet="The obvious: rubbish leads will equal rubbish conversions"]

You Had Me At "Download this free report"

Once you are sending traffic to your landing page, the next step is to grab them by the hand and lead them straight to taking the right action once they arrive.

This means your landing page must speak directly to the person you have sent and offer them a compelling reason to want to know more.

So a clear call to action that convinces them that you are offering exactly what they want or need, while reassuring them of your expertise and intentions, is key.

There are seven key elements of a great landing page – and I explain them in this video right here:

Click here to read the full article.

You cannot deliver rubbish and hope that they don't unsubscribe. You need to tell them you're going to give them a high quality report that will help to answer their questions and then deliver it.

But it needs to be more than that. The lead generation report you deliver in return for their details must not only be high quality and offer them great advice and information, but it must be self-contained. Yes you have to sell the sizzle rather than steak, but if you only sell the sizzle people will walk away.

Take a look at your lead generation product and ask yourself does this offer value and clear direction in its own right and does it give them an exceptionally clear path to the action they now need to take?

Nurture Your Leads Like They Are Personal Friends

I don't mean introduce them to your family. But once you have the right quality of lead you need to nurture it by immediately passing that person straight into a high quality nurturing process.

Take a look at the email autoresponder sequence you have in place. I bet it doesn't completely hit the spot:

  • Remove chaff, sales talk and BS
  • Give solid information that helps the prospect
  • Display integrity and expertise
  • Share as many case studies as possible
  • Give examples of your own struggles and successes
  • Never directly sell within an email
  • Give clear direction on what they should do next

People need clarity about what they are going to get from you when they part with their money. They need to have complete confidence that you are the expert who can help them, and they need to have certainty that you will bring the results they need.

You achieve all that by using your lead generation report and follow-up sequence to get them to know you, like you and trust you. This ethos should be at the heart of what you create. Build an email sequence that is truly personal and special.

I’ve created a series of free videos about how to write emails that sell. Click here to check them out.

You can learn more in this article about getting your prospects to convert to sales. Definitely worth a read - or bookmark it for later.

How to create an email follow up sequence that really converts.

Get Them Over The Finishing Line In Style

Once you have nurtured your lead it's time to work at converting them. This means gently leading them to look at sales pages, product pages as well as “soft-sell” resources such as webinars, videos and even the right blog posts..

Being lazy at the conversion stage can mean that all your hard work and expenditure is for nothing.

So it's vital that you deliver a refined process.

First you need to offer them exactly what they are looking for at the point of purchase. Don't try and cross-sell or up-sell at that vital point. You convinced them that they need to take the next step, so don't offer conflict as they are about to take it.

Reassure them that their money is safe and that there is always going to be help and support available, through obvious visual signs and resource paths.

And vitally, make sure that post-sale communication is instant and tells them exactly what is going to happen next. If somebody has just parted with a lot of money they want to get started NOW and they are nervous about where that money has gone. If you leave them dangling, even for a few hours, they can get nervous and start to consider going for a refund.

Going back to when we covered lead nurturing, this new customer is also now a hot lead for future sales. Don't leave them dangling, get them straight into another automated email sequence.

You can learn more about getting your prospects to convert in this article which will give you key details on how you can understand your potential customer and basically drive them over the finishing line.

Where Would You Like To Go From Here?

It can all sound deceptively simple, but I understand that when you are up your neck in every single day then deceptively simple can seem clearly impossible.

But I'm asking you to take a step back right now and look at the whole sales process within your business again. Use this article, and the links to other key resources I offer, to see how your current sales process measures up.

Whatever you find, there is no shame in not being able to spot the mistakes, and there's no shame in not understanding how to fix them.

Even if you think you are getting it right but your marketing funnel is still only producing inconsistent results, then again there's no shame in admitting there's a piece of the puzzle missing that you can't see.

In fact, I'm going to tell you that it is brave to admit that something is missing. It means you overcome pride in time to resuscitate your business. Honesty can save you.

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