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The anatomy of an inbound lead generation funnel

You've packed your bags and are committed to going on a journey.

You know where you are going and the way you are going to get there is by train.

At the station you wait on the platform, looking up the line in excited anticipation.

The train arrives and off you go. But the journey is a nightmare. You are told to change trains several times. Nobody seems to be able to tell you where to go clearly. Everything seems cobbled together.

After a disheartening journey you are told the train is terminating early, miles from your destination.

Standing on an unfamiliar platform in the dark, you look around for the way out.

If your lead generation funnel is poorly thought out, then that is the journey you are sending your prospects on. People who have decided to follow the information path you have promised will feel abandoned, confused and cheated.

So let's make sure that your lead generation funnel is the best it can be, by making sure it delivers on its promises and addressing concerns.

Deliver A Great Lead Generation Report

Your visitor will already have positive engagement through the fantastic landing page they have just hit.

This initial contact will reassure them you are going to the right destination for them, allowing them to submit their email address with little internal trust conflict.

So the free report you offer on your landing page needs to be high quality. Packed with genuinely useful information and visually engaging, it will answer their questions and smoothly dispel any fears they have.

The key thing here is that by delivering a great piece of information, you can validate their initial “gut feeling”.

By creating a low-resistance landing page and serving up a high quality lead generation report, you will ease them from discovering you, to being genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Constantly Engage With Your Prospect

Your free report will engage and now your email follow-up campaign needs to keep and build their trust and desire.

Your prospect is already in the consideration stage by now and it is at this point that the sales funnel gets more risky. It's high reward if they convert, but high risk because your constant engagement will turn them off if it fails in any way at all.

It is that brutal. If the sequence of follow-up emails delivered is not 100% superb in content, pitch and structure, they will click unsubscribe.

  • Tell, don't sell
  • Keep your emails short (studies suggest anything longer than 300 words is wasted)
  • Make one clear point in each email
  • Give them a clear next step but don't make it solely the buying step, offer more information, a trial or something else of value

That Wonderful Moment When They Make A Commitment To Buy From You

If you have crafted a high-quality lead generation funnel, then you will see a steady stream of people who have been so convinced of your integrity and ability to solve their problem, that they emotionally commit to buy.

It could be a remote commitment through filling up the shopping cart and checking out, or it could be contacting your directly to seal the deal.

Whatever way your sales funnel completes, treat it with the same care as the rest of the process.

Complacency that could cost you the sale after the hard work has been done include:

  • Clunky shopping carts
  • Poorly structured buying information
  • Sending them through several pages to get to your buying page
  • Not getting back to them in good time
  • Not being polite
  • Not living up to the standards of expertise you conveyed through your sales funnel
  • Changing the deal
  • Suddenly confronting them with a myriad of upsell options which panics them

Find Your Prospects Pain Points And Ease That Pain

The biggest challenge to minimising abandonment throughout the journey of your potential buyer is identifying your prospects “pain points”. Heading them off expertly as you pass them down your sales funnel is the key to maximising conversion rate.

This mean understanding your product or service and how it will be understood and considered.

Dealing with pain points is about spotting possible objections and overcoming them through resolving those in detail before they snowball into an insurmountable problem for your prospect.

Consider Cost & Product Segmentation

Now that sounds very complex. But it's really just about using common sense and understanding your customer. Let me explain.

The most common pain point your prospect will usually have is cost. At some stage they are going to have to part with some cash to solve their problem. But the bigger the price, the bigger the pain point.

The challenge is to understand what they need to pay and what they want to pay. Closing the gap between the two is your biggest challenge in converting them to a customer.

So consider your pricing and product structure.

  • Can you segment your products to make the pain point smaller each time?
  • Can you repackage to produce a solution that offers more value?
  • What incentives can you offer to increase the chances of them overcoming their pricing objection?

Look closely at how your packages are a match for your customers real needs, including their emotional responses.

For example, do you understand the ethics your clients have and can you connect with prospects through demonstrating that you share the same outlook and standards?

People buy people not products, so making sure you empathise and connect is key to overcoming the pricing pain point in your lead generation funnel.

So What Is Your Pain Point?

We have discussed the anatomy of a great lead generation funnel. Talked about objections, engagement and understanding, all of which need to be woven into the process.

But I'm certain your own pain point has not been dealt with yet.

You probably know your customers well. You know what they want, what their objections are and how you help them to feel great once they buy.

But you are probably not sure how to 100% overcome all their objections, build your position as an expert, and get them to buy without it all feeling, well, clunky.

You can mix it all together to create a sales funnel, but are you happy that you have the expertise to know if the mix will work and what to do if it doesn't?

That's where I can help you.

My "24/7 Marketing Machine" service will provide you with a custom-build automated online lead generation system that nurtures your website visitors into prospects and converts them into clients for your business.

This is the only stress-free way to get more clients in your business on a consistent basis.

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