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The five key components of a $100,000 per year automated business system

When other people are making lots of money through an online automated business system, it's easy to look at the structure they use and wonder how they are getting such great results.

When it all looks so simple, you can often worry why you are failing, while they are raking in bucketfuls of cash from a system that on the surface looks the same as your own.

The structure is deceptively simple on the surface, but as with most things in life the devil is in the detail.

Unless you fully understand the subtlety of each step of the sales conversion process and ruthlessly tap into the psychology of making a purchase, you will be leaving money on the table.

Understanding that subtlety and creating a sales funnel that converts highly is both a skill and an art which not everybody can simply pick up and implement.

So let's look in detail at the five key components of an online business that can deliver you a $100,000 automated business system.

Always Build The Right Kind Of Traffic

One of the reasons people fail in traffic generation is that they are not laser-targeted enough in the traffic they generate.

If you adopt a “scattergun approach”, then you will be working hard to send traffic to your site that ultimately just will not convert well.

To send the right sort of traffic, you need to fully understand what your potential buyers are searching for to get the information they need. This means understanding the exact search terms they use, it means understanding where they congregate online and it means fully appreciating the mindset of your potential buyer.

Doing these things, you can send more the of the right people your way.

By undertaking proper keyword research for the landing pages you create, will mean that people arriving at your site do so through the correct search terms and genuine interest.

Understanding where your potential buyers congregate, on social media, forums and other interactive locations, you will be able to network within those communities and entice people to your site.

By doing both of the above, and understanding exactly why somebody would want the product or services you offer, you can ensure every message you put out there to encourage people to visit your landing pages hits spot.

Compel Them To Act By Selling The Benefits

When that highly targeted visitor hits your landing page the content they find must instantly engage and entice them on to the next step.

It means using great headlines and compelling opening statements. It means telling them in language they understand exactly how they will benefit. It means using every tool, including above the fold video, to make sure you engage with them and deliver your information “hook” to them as fast as you possibly can.

With the average person now making a decision on whether a webpage holds the information they require in less than 10 seconds, you need to make sure they feel right at home instantly.

It's also important not to focus on selling in your landing page content. The only focus you should have is to get them to commit to receiving your lead generation report, or other information product structure. By getting them to take this step, you are encouraging emotional buy-in to the sales process.

Build Their Trust Through Your Free Information Product

In return for their email address you will deliver an incredibly high quality free information product. Usually this will take the form of an e-book in PDF format, though it could be a video or through another delivery system.

The old days of slapping together a text PDF are gone. The information you send them must look professional and offer them real value through the information it contains. It must display pride and professionalism that demonstrates that you will always deliver a high quality experience.

You need to deliver on at least some of the initial information they were looking and entice them to look further at purchasing the full answer from you.

Destroy Resistance Through Constant Contact

Once you sales prospect has read your free lead generation report, they should be highly enthusiastic about getting a resolution to the problem they need solving.

The next step is to engage with them further by building trust in a series of emails.

The purpose of these emails is to build on the themes discussed in the free lead generation report, demonstrate your expertise on the topic and encourage them to take action by returning to your website to consider a purchase.

Keeping your sales prospect positive, engaged and truly interested at this stage of the process is a key skill. One slip-up, through a poorly structured email, will send them scrambling for the unsubscribe button.

Make Parting With Money Painless

If you have structured the lead generation funnel correctly up to this point, your prospects should be excited enough about the solution you are offering them to make a purchase.

This is the step which is often completely overlooked, which means leads slip away after you have done the hard work of moving them into making a positive buying decision.

The amount of people who will abandon your shopping cart, or other sales processing path, at this point can be huge if you do not make it easy.

This is not the time to suddenly hit them with an upsell or different offer. You sold them a solution, so you have to deliver exactly what they want.

Obviously you can improve that offer at point of sale through bonuses, but creating any internal conflict or confusion at this point will lead to a lost sale.

So focus on your checkout process to make it easy to complete. Make sure it is obvious, make sure it is smooth and make sure that once the sale is complete they understand exactly when and how the product will be delivered.

In order to minimise chargebacks, or PayPal disputes, a good idea is to then lead them straight into a second funnel, where they are immediately offered a free extension to the product they have just bought. This adds value and further reinforces your position as a trusted seller.

So How Does Your Sales Funnel Convert?

Can you put your hand on your heart and say that the free product you offer is the best you can do?

Have you recently checked all the stats relating to your sales funnel so you can patch up the holes?

I’d love to discuss how your sales funnel looks, and how we can make it even better. By doing so you will be maximizing your chances of hitting that magic $100k per year mark.

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