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The five stages of building your own $100K per year lifestyle business online

You will know the feeling I'm talking about.

You walk into a shop that sells exactly what you are looking for at a price you want to pay.

But for some reason that you can't explain, you leave without buying. Something relating to your buying decision simply wasn't feeling right.

Once you understand the emotions that need to be in place for someone to make a positive buying decision, then you will be well on the way to rapidly building your online businesses income.

Understand The Key Ingredients In Every Buying Decision

There are three things that have to be present in your prospects mind for them to even consider buying from you:

  • Trust
  • Desire
  • Belief

First they need to trust you. They need to trust that you are giving them a genuine and honest platform to make a buying decision from. They need to trust that the information you give them is accurate.

They need to trust that you are interested in giving them a good deal.

Then they need to desire what you are selling. Not be window shopping, not just be a bit interested, but to really need or want what you have to offer. Sometimes they have these emotions from the beginning, but often it is your skill in building that desire that will convert them to a buyer.

Finally, they need belief. They need to believe in you. They need to believe that you are offering the best solution to that problem. They also need to believe in themselves. If they are not 100% sure they are making the right decision, or buying for the right reasons, they will walk away.

The five stages of building a business that can generate $100K a year all feed from these three key emotional ingredients. Once you understand the power of these triggers and can hook into them, you will be well on the way to building a business that fund your lifestyle effortlessly.

1. Pick The Right Audience.

Picking the right audience means ruthlessly driving straight to the heart of a niche and exploiting it.

But you can't do this if you don't understand what a niche is. Many people would say "couples expecting a baby" is a niche.

It's not.

"Couples expecting a baby who are looking to buy the right cot" is a niche.

These people have a very specific problem that they need to solve. They will need information, reassurance and to be given options to solve that problem. It is also a problem that goes right to the very heart of how they think. They are protecting and giving the best possible support to their new baby.

From your point of view, it's a problem you can help them solve. The information is readily available, you just need to package it intelligently. The products they need to consider buying are all available through major retailers, all of which have affiliate accounts options. Of course, if you are a nursery/baby product seller then it's even easier.

All you need to do is get those people to find you and then allow you to build desire to solve the problem, through their trust in your informational progression.

2. Craft An Irresistible Offer.

Once you understand your audience, you need then to create an amazing information stream that helps them along the path towards making a buying decision.

Using our example, you are not simply saying to them “Here is a load of information about cots and here are a load of ones you can buy, off you go.”

Your information needs to position you as an expert they can trust. This can be a big buying decision for them, both in terms of money and the fact they are putting the most treasured possession in their world in it. You need to understand their mindset and build your information delivery around it.

The path to purchase, through sequential information delivery, must make your prospect feel empowered. You need to make them feel in control of the buying decision, while trusting the information you have given them to reach that decision.

3. Build A Simple Sales Funnel.

Your sales funnel is the path you create that will turn visitors, into prospects, into customers.

Through understanding the niche and the mindset of the people in it, you can create each stage of a sales funnel to effortlessly move them closer to making a purchase.

The key elements of a sales funnel are a highly targeted landing page that will maximise the chances of a visitor becoming a sales prospect through supplying personal information in return for niche related content.

Once they become a prospect, you need to then warm them up through a highly targeted series of emails. These emails will build desire and trust through informational marketing which will make your prospects feel in control, rather than hassled.

Finally you will need a sales process that is clear, concise and reassures them that the decision to buy is correct.

4. Create A 24/7 Marketing Machine.

Anyone can create a sales funnel. A lot of people can create a highly converting sales funnel.

But not many people can create a marketing machine. I have already mentioned many of the key ideas you need to take on board to create a true marketing machine, but let's really nail this down for you.

You have to structure your business from start to finish around the key principle of:

  1. Like.  Trust.

You have to create a business structure that understands their needs so deeply that from first contact, through to purchase, the prospect feels empowered and in control.

This means knowing where your prospect is now in their mind and where they want to be.

Understanding the journey they need to go on and creating that journey is the key to your marketing machine.

Then they will know you, like you and trust you. Know, like, trust is a fundamental principle of marketing and unless you achieve it, your goals will never be achieved.

5. Deliver World-Class Service.

Finally, there is no point in crafting an intelligent business structure unless you can deliver on your promises.

There is no point in turning somebody into a salivating mess if right at the point-of-purchase you let them down. Moving the goalposts, trying to force massive up sells on them, making them wait.

There are so many things which can go wrong if you lose sight of the key ingredient: their need.

World-class service creates a repeat customer. It builds loyalty, it builds free referrals.

And every time you create a repeat customer you are effortlessly upscaling your business. Your $100K per year lifestyle business can be a reality simply by over delivering for your new customers.

So what does your online business look like right now? Do you have a sales funnel that you are confident about? Is everything within your online business structure genuinely as targeted and refined as it could be?

We offer a serviced called Automated Business System where we'll build your automated online business for you and provide 12 months mentoring to help you build your traffic and grow your business to $100K per year. We'd love to talk about making this work for you. Email me now at and we can schedule a time to talk.

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