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You need a great team to build a million dollar online business

The biggest online business myth that still persists today is that you can easily build a million dollar business and only invest a little time and money to do it.

On top of that, by purchasing a couple of online courses, or business “formulas”, you can set up this million dollar business on your own. Once it's set up you can sit back and enjoy "push button" riches for the rest of your life, effort free.

Of course the reality is different, and when I describe it to you in the way I have above, it's very obvious that it is a marketing trap to make you buy information products.

But it is completely possible to build a million dollar online business that requires minimal intervention from yourself, as long as you have the right team supporting you.

So why don't more people get a great team and build million dollar online businesses?

Building A Million Dollar Business Means Ruthlessly Wearing Just One Hat

Too many people try to do everything when they set up an online business, even if they do not believe the internet business myth I outlined earlier. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Control

Because they have heard horror stories about people being ripped off and left on the ropes at a vital time, or continually fighting against unreliable freelancers, the new business owner tries to keep control of everything by doing it themselves. This leads to burn out and taking short cuts that can lead to catastrophe later down the line.

2. Finances

With limited finances, it's often just too tempting to jump in and do everything yourself.

There are massive downsides to trying to do everything yourself and it constantly astounds me that people talk about creating a life changing online business, but still persist in trying to do everything on their own.

The reality is you can't.

And even if you can produce an online business yourself, you are never going to produce the best business you can and you will always hit a ceiling at some point.

The reality is that you cannot upscale forever on your own. If you take away just one nugget from this piece, then please make it this one.

When you set up a strategy for new online business it is vital that the first thing you understand is you need to wear just one business hat.

That hat must be business leader. The person who has the vision for the business and drives that vision constantly. Not the person who drives that vision and also messes around creating graphics, or dealing with customer orders.

Creativity Is Suppressed When You Do Everything Yourself

There are two reasons why you will never have the same creative spark if you DIY, compared to having a great team around you.

And now I've used that abbreviation for “Do It Yourself”, DIY, lets make a point around it.

If you are going to put in a new kitchen, you may very well think about DIY. It may be hard, but with the internet for help and some time, most people can do it to an acceptable standard. Notice I said an acceptable standard, not professional standard.

But if you are considering self-building a new home, would you DIY? Would you deal with planning permission, buying a plot, getting finances and then also build the entire house yourself, even if you don't have half the skills required?

And would you then put all the fixtures and fittings inside? Decorate? Do the landscaping? All on your own with no help?

No, it would be madness. So why would you consider it when setting up a business that you want to continually scale up so it funds your lifestyle goals?

Setting up an online business and getting it ready to launch is an incredibly challenging experience. I have seen so many online businesses suck the energy out of the people creating them, that by the time they go and live there is no energy left to make it a success.

Although you can come up with great ideas, is very rare that a great idea will be the finished item, it's very rare that a great idea will finish in the same format started.

Great ideas develop through discussion, collaboration and input.

If you are doing everything yourself, there is nobody else to bounce ideas off. There is no other creative input, no other opinion. There is nobody around who can chew over ideas and problems and then get back to you with a solution.

So doing it alone will lead to potential burnout and you won't develop your best ideas.

Take The Easy Option: Learn From My Mistakes

The great news is you don't have to learn the hard way. When I was setting up my own online businesses, I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

The biggest lesson for me was that if you don't create an effective team then it doesn't matter how good you are, you are setting yourself up for failure.

So I sat down and looked every single task that needed to be done to create a new online business and then I undertook a long process to put an expert team together:

• Graphic designer
• WordPress developer
• Proofreader
• Researcher
• Writers
• Copywriters
• Assistant
• Social media expert
• Strategist
• Video production team
• Advertising expert
• Bookkeeping and accountancy
• Tax advice

Getting that team in place has been a challenge. In the past five years I have hired and fired 22 people. I don't mean because they were useless, or I had made a poor decision, it just means that they weren't the right fit for my team structure.

And this is a key point. It's not just about creating team, it's about creating a team of people who can work with you and each other. It's about getting every single one of them to understand the vision for your business and to buy into it, in order to help you achieve your goals.

Getting the team blend right will create a recipe for success.

If it wasn't for this team of people around me I would not be able to reach my own business goals. I would not have a million-dollar business. I would not be able to travel whenever I want.

You Are Now About To Make Your Key Business Decision

If you want to create a business that gives you time and money freedom, then you are going to need to invest in a team that knows how to create an online business which requires minimal manual intervention.

You can create your business plan. You can work to understand everything that will be involved in launching in developing a successful online business.

Then you can hire and train the team that will help you reach your goals.

Then you can work hard developing your new business, while at the same time refining your team to make the whole process smooth.

I already have that team. And on top of that, you will also have me on board for an entire year, pre and post launch, to help you plan and develop your goals, structure your new business, launch it and then take it to the next level.

The truth is we both know there is no choice here, if you really want that lifestyle online business as soon as possible.

The real key business decision you're about to make is whether to contact me today, or accept that you will still be thinking about setting up a million dollar year online business in five years time.

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