Emma is a talented sports person as well as an award winning sales professional. Her business partner James (who you may recognise from his first journey through the ABS with James Crew Fitness) had spent almost a decade in the fitness industry.

  • How We Helped

    Past experience gave the pair a unique insight - they realised there were many personal trainers out there who desperately wanted to earn a better living. But, these fitness professionals were in need of business training to help them fulfil their dreams. Emma and James knew that the ABS could help them build a successful company catering to these clients.

    Stage 1 - Strategy

    During stage 1, Strategy, a plan was developed based around the new business’ ideal client.


    Our team developed the branding for Elev8 and decided on a sales funnel which would include a book and a series of fully-scripted, free videos to get the attention of personal trainers wanting to take their business to a high level. The videos would also be an important part of building a subscription list.


    Emma and James would also put on a series of live seminars in London where they would meet potential clients face-to-face in order to sell their new courses and coaching packages.

    Stage 2 - Implementation

    Moving on to the Implementation stage, Emma and James got to work on their book with the support of our professional copywriter. Filming for the necessary videos took place in a rented London apartment with the perfect feel to complement the Elev8 branding.


    The fully automated website, blog and courses were created, and designers worked on flyers and other marketing materials for the live seminars. This phase was completed in a whirlwind 90 days from start to finish.

    Stage 3 - Marketing Coaching

    When it was time for stage 3, Emma and James were ready to begin marketing Elev8 with our support. The first part of the ongoing plan was to build their social media presence by uploading regular videos and blog posts. They now have a substantial database with 100s of qualified leads, as well as a Facebook group with 4.3k likes and followers. Their book has sold 100s of copies and continues to bring in leads, too. Most exciting of all were the results of the live seminars. From just two small test events, the pair were able to bring in over £8000 profit, setting their business up for a promising future.

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