When he joined the Automated Business System, James Crew went from chatting to people in the gym - and hoping they’d pay him to train them - to running a successful personal training company, James Crew Fitness.


    During his eight previous years in the fitness industry, James had heard the same thing again and again - you can’t run a profitable business as a personal trainer. So how did the ABS help James prove everyone wrong?

  • How We Helped

    Joining the ABS was one of the best things James could have done. He readily admits that he was so busy trying to make money IN his business, that he didn’t have time to step back, think, and GROW his business.

    Stage 1 - Strategy

    Right from the start (in Stage 1: Strategy), we were able to help him learn how to plan for success. Together, we worked to identify James’ niche, and who his ideal customers would be. We worked on ideas for branding, as well as an offer and price structure that would turn prospects into clients.


    James really wanted his business to be about the holistic nature of health, fitness and lifestyle, and had previously struggled to package this into an offer and pricing his clients could identify with. After we helped him restructure his pricing into just three simple levels, he was thrilled to discover that all of his clients chose the highest level package.

    James found working through Stage 1 to be a powerful experience. He was able to throw aside limiting beliefs about what his business could look like, and learned how to work backwards from a dream future to his starting point. What he was left with was a structured path to success that the ABS system would help him put into place.


    Just two months into working through the ABS with us, James was able to bring his income from one-to-one personal training to £6000 per month. He is now looking forward to the Implementation and Marketing stages of the ABS. We will be helping him by building the online side of his business, and through regular coaching sessions as he grows the social media following he has begun by starting our strategy. James’s future is looking bright, and the ABS is helping him get there.

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