• Medical doctor writes and inspires people to get more energy, lose weight and live with awareness.


  • Background

    Dr. Julie Coffey trained as a medical doctor in the U.K. Tired of the drug-based approach to treating basic things like obesity, tiredness and lethargy, she set out to share her philosophy. The body is a temple, and when you learn about its needs, serve it well, it will serve you back.

    How We Helped

    Julie used the Automated Business System to reinvent her 12-week course called Uber Slim, showing people how their body works and providing nutrition and lifestyle advice so they can be free from pain and live well.


    We designed the branding, course material, website, email autoresponders, copywriting, webinar funnel, newsletter and sales material. We integrated her entire business so it was 80% automated.


    Dr. Julie published her book and also released a second course called Uber Energy.

  • Interview with Dr Julie & Website Walkthrough

    Watch this interview with Dr. Julie Coffey and Kavit Haria discussing the ABS Journey

    Uber Slim sales page, responsible for converting visitors into customers, on Dr Julie's website.​

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