• MICAH - 90 Day Guitar

    When Micah Lipsmeyer picked up his first guitar at 18, he had no idea that music would change his life. He also had no idea that following his passion would make earning a living so difficult. Micah was ‘succeeding’ as a musician.


    He was a member of a signed band, a gigging musician, and a guitar teacher. But, despite working hard for years, he was still struggling to achieve a consistent income.​

  • How We Helped

    When Micah joined the Automated Business System, he knew that his knack for transmitting his love of music to beginners was something special. But, he didn’t know how to put that talent to work for him to earn the income he deserved. Together we took the very first step in building an automated business for Micah.​

    Stage 1 - Strategy

    Stage 1 of the ABS, Strategy, began with a survey. Did people want to learn guitar online? Who were these people and what exactly did they want help with?


    Once we had the answers, and a customer avatar had been created, we were able to move on to helping Micah plan how his knowledge of face-to-face teaching could be transferred to an online platform. Work on the course structure and pricing began, and appealing branding was developed, while Micah took care of the music side of the course.


    Next, the strategy behind Micah’s sales funnel was planned out with the customer avatar in mind. The first part of the sales funnel was to be a series of free, 5-minute videos which would encourage customers to join a mailing list. A series of specially written emails could then be sent for engagement and conversion.


    All of this planning would be put into action in the next stage.

    Stage 2 - Implementation

    In Stage 2, Implementation, we had copy written for Micah’s website and course materials.


    His course videos were professionally recorded, and behind the scenes the ‘90dayguitar.com’ website was created. We handed Micah a fully automated system complete with lead magnet, email subscription system, sales funnel, payment gateway, course delivery and member login systems.

    Stage 3 - Marketing

    Now that his website was ready for customers, Micah moved onto Stage 3 of the ABS - Marketing. The plan was for him to put out a weekly blog and video, and build a presence on both Facebook and Instagram, supported by regular coaching sessions. He began a campaign of video ads on Facebook, and his commitment began to pay off.


    Micah’s email list went from just 5 people to over 1000. He was able to drop his face-to-face teaching hours from 60 to 15 a week, and he finally had the consistent income he had wanted for so long. Micah ended the ABS with his 90 Day Guitar business bringing in $6000 every month, completely hands off. You’ll now find him doing what he loves - playing on stage, where he can now afford to do gigs purely for the joy of playing.

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