The Warrior Queen

    As a Relationship Change Expert, Norva Abiona knows that sometimes it’s good to reach out for help. She’d spent years coaching women in the UK to build their confidence and conquer relationship and career difficulties.

  • How We Helped

    Although Norva has plenty of expertise in her field, knowing how to launch an online business was completely new territory. She needed help with refining her ideas and building an online course that people would love. She also wanted to know how to get that course in front of the people who needed it most.

    Stage 1 - Strategy

    Stage 1 of the ABS was all about Strategy - helping Norva clarify her ideas and identify her ideal audience. Over several consultancy sessions, we conceptualised the Warrior Queen branding, and created a business model and pricing structure that would work for Norva’s clients and her business.


    At the same time we outlined every detail of Norva’s new online course, from the structure, through positioning, to pricing. During the remainder of the Strategy stage, we designed a thorough sales funnel which we would go on to build. This included the trip-wire, main product, and a number of email sequences.

    Stage 2 - Implementation

    During Stage 2 of the process, Implementation, Norva’s online business really began to take shape. In 8 weeks, we built a complete online presence for the Warrior Queen brand. Starting with building a logo and the brand’s visual identity, we moved on to write high converting sales copy and a focused landing page.


    The online courses were created - video scripts written, videos professionally filmed and edited in the studio, worksheets proofread and designed, and both the tripwire and main courses structured effectively.


    For maximum leverage, automating Norva’s online business was crucial, so our next steps were to build integrated payments, email confirmations, a private membership system, and upsells. Norva was kept up-to-date with progress, but the hassle-free process meant she could focus on what she does best.

    Stage 3 - Marketing Coaching

    Once Norva’s business was live, she was ready for Stage 3 of the ABS - Marketing and Mentoring. She was able to hit the ground running, armed with all the help she needed to build a social media presence though a Facebook advertising campaign and a regularly updated blog.


    In the Strategy stage, Norva and her consultant had already built a marketing plan so she knew exactly what she needed to do first. Regular coaching calls and access to comprehensive training materials made following the plan easy, and just 6 weeks later, Norva had more than two thousand subscribers all eager to find out more about her training, and gained at a very low CPC.


    Norva is now able to reach hundreds of thousands of women online, and runs online webinars and face-to-face events which bring new clients and help fulfill her dream of empowering women all over the world.

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